Life in the Canyon - Helping Children and Families in Tijuana Mexico
We help families with emergent get to tomorrow: 
food, water, shelter, gas, sick baby doctor visits.  
As well as helping with educational needs.
Without an education, there is very little chance that the children will ever have a life outside the Canyon walls.
Cañon de las Carretas...
Is a community located in the old garbage dump of Tijuana. 
... an active landfill until several years ago.
Families came to live here so they could earn a living by savaging recyclable materials.
But they continue to live here because they have no where else to go and little or no income. 
Homes are made of scrap wood, pieces of plastic and other discarded refuge with tarps for a roof. 
In many parts of the community, there is no running water or electricity to run an appliance.  

Often just a single light bulb to illuminate one room homes.
Food is often cooked outdoors on make shift stoves.   Other than the clothing they wear, this may be their only source of heat in the winter.... 
The economy here is much different than what we might be used to.  The average day's pay for most jobs is about $15.  So, if a person were to work all week, they would earn about $300 a month.  But many don't have jobs.  The ones that do, may only work a couple of days a week.  
That's why so many families struggle with being able to send their children to school.  It cost's them about $160 to buy a back pack, school supplies, school shoes and the required uniforms and gym clothes.  That's per child.  Most families have 4 or 5 children.  So for some, it means they have to make choices and some won't be able to go to school.
 Thank you to Kenny Burkey  for loaning us his photographs for the web page.  Click on his name to see more of his work with the children in Africa, NYC and Washington DC.
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