Life in the Canyon - Helping Children and Families in Tijuana Mexico
Water to drink, for bathing, laundry and dishes...things we tend to take for granted.
 Many of the families don't have any source of water, so they are forced to carry 5 gallon jugs of water up the hillside everyday in order to wash dishes, clothes or themselves. The water you drink has to be purchased from a separate source and also hand carried to homes.

As a solution, we purchase a 230 gallon water tank that is designed to avoid the growth of Algae.  A platform is built to raise it above ground level in order to operate by gravity.  Some of the homes are in a very remote location, so we run hundreds of feet of garden hose from a nearby community to fill the tanks.

We have to thank Bethany  Baptist Church in Puyallup Washington for their incredible support in raising funds each December fotr water needs in the Canyon. 

We also found a solution to help families with drinking water.  We found a small water filter system that is used by Compassion International and World Vision.  However, they are not located in the Baja area, so we order the filters directly from the factory. The filters are able to provide about 100,000 gallons of clean drinking water that the families can filter from their water holding tanks.

We would like to thank the Babineaux family from New Orleans for their support in raising funds so that we are able to provide these filters to families for free. 

We are also able to help families who have water near them, but are unable to access it for various reasons.  Some simply lack the funds to repair their line or to install the PVC pipe that it is run through.  We are able to pay for the repairs or materials and sometimes able to hire someone from the community to do the work.

For some families, they have not been able to afford to pay their monthly water bill.  The company will go a long time before they cut the water off.  But then, the family has to enter into a contract to pay the past bill as well as their current bill.  We are able to help negotiate some of those contracts for past bills due as well has help try to cover some of the costs of their debts so that the company will turn their water back on.

And for some families, we simply help them with their daily water needs.


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