Life in the Canyon - Helping Children and Families in Tijuana Mexico
There are many needs:
Roof repairs - Cement floors - Windows & Doors - Structural repairs - Additional rooms - House building
So many of the houses, in every part of the Canyon have roofs that leak.  Almost everyone asks for a tarp cover their roof during the rainy season each year. We have been very fortunate to have the help of Charles Beck, who has a sign company.  He saves the dis-guarded vinyl signs and ships them down to us.   Instead of purchasing tarps that last only a year, we are able to provide families with tarps that last between 5 to 10 years.
At times, we have visiting groups who want to work on a project while they are here.  Repairing the roof of a families home is often a great short term project that doesn't necessarily cost a lot and creates a lasting blessing to a family.

Cement Floors:   
Many families use old carpet, cardboard or scrapes of wood to try to create some type of floor covering.  These are almost always full of mold from the rains of the winter which not only creates unhealthy living conditions, but a smell that is difficult to get accustomed to.

 We have discovered that we have the ability to go into an exiting home and pour a slab to replace the existing dirt floor.
Structural Repairs:
There are no building codes to comply with or permits to obtain or inspections to pass.  As you can see, they do what ever it takes to complete the project.  So repairs are often needed.
New Homes:
Sometimes, families are fortunate enough to receive the blessing of a new home! 

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