Life in the Canyon - Helping Children and Families in Tijuana Mexico
School Sponsorships
One of the most difficult situations we face, is to keep children in school.  The legal requirement is to complete the 9th grade.  However, there is no system in place for compliance. Most children are no longer in school by the time they reach 13.  They are either working to help put food on the table or helping take care of the other children. 

For most, it's a matter of economics.  The average cost to purchase a back pack, the list of school supplies, a full uniform, school shoes, tennis shoes and a gym uniform is about $160.  If a family has 4 children in school and their monthly income is $300, they often are faced with making decisions of which children to keep in school.
For Children who attend the Blue Tarp School, they also have to pay a monthly fee which amounts to another $100 for the year. 

We don't do any fund raisings or ask for funds.  We depend completely on what ever God provides.  Every year, we receive requests to help at least 150 children.   Some years we are able to help 10 children.  In other years, we were able to assist 120 children. 
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