Life in the Canyon - Helping Children and Families in Tijuana Mexico

For two years, Erika came twice a week to provide free legal help to families.  Erika used to work for DIF in Rosarito.  DIF is the equivalent of Social Services in the United States.  A few years back, when the political party lost the election, she was without a job.  This is how she became available.  A local sponsor, with a huge heart, arranged for Erika to drive about an hour each day to come work out of our offices twice a week.   Families could meet with Erika and get help with child custody and child support issues, problems with DIF, divorce and separation issues and even get help with contracts and agreements.   She also helped us with our legal issues in the ministry. 

But, like many things...every thing has a season.  We lost funding for Erika to continue coming.  She did volunteer to continue for a few months on her own, but it became a financial burden for her.   Our hope is that one day, we will be able to have her continue to help here.
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