Life in the Canyon - Helping Children and Families in Tijuana Mexico
Providing food to those in need....
School Lunch Program
One of the things we noticed, was that many children had nothing to eat at lunch time while they were at School. 

Karina came up with the idea of starting a school lunch program.  She started with a brown bag lunch of P & J sandwiches with a refillable drink bottle. Over the years, we developed a program where we have a group of volunteer moms who show up everyday and prepare food for about 60 to 70 children at the Kindergarten school. 

 There is an Elementary school next door.  We found that many of the children were standing at the fence asking for food because they had nothing to eat.  So we expanded the program to set up another serving station for include 60 more children 

There are 280 children at this school.  We have the teachers help us to identify which children to put on the daily list.  We just don't have the finances to be able to serve them all.  However, the good news is that we provide lunch to 120 children...5 days a week .... for just $1 each.

There is no place for the children to sit and have lunch at.  Our hope is that in future years, we will be able to provide them with a covered area with tables and chairs.  

This is a term used to describe a packet of various food items.
Even though families are able to visit the Church for a free breakfast, they still struggle to provide food for their family at home.
Families often find themselves in temporary situations where there someone has lost their job, has had no work, a parent has left the home or families have just moved to the Canyon.  
When someone from the community comes to us to let us know about the situation, we put them on a list to receive a weekly Dispensa.  We are able to provide some basics like rice and beans, packets of pasta and tomato sauce, cooking oil, bags of sugar, soup mixes,  and tortillas that they can take home to tide them over for a couple of days.

Martita does the shopping every week and prepares each bag with the families name on it.  Then our volunteers come to pick up the dispensa and go out to visit the family in need and to pray with them.  This way, we get a weekly update on how they are doing, make sure that someone from the community is visiting with them and helps us to determine if there are other emergent needs and if the family is still in need of help each week.
 The idea is about the community serving the community.
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